Rejuvenation 21 Plan


Are you ready to free your body from years of toxins and re-awaken a healthy, new you?

Are you ready for a proven weight loss plan that restores the body’s natural balance and vitality for a fraction of the cost of comparable programs?

Will you let us help you through every step of the process?

If you answered yes, then get ready for the Rejuvenation 21 Plan to change your life! Based on groundbreaking research by Dr. A.T.W. Simeon, the Rejuvenation 21 Plan is a highly successful weight loss program which boasts a success rate of over 92%. Dr. Simeon's research has helped hundreds of thousands of people reach their dreams and now it is your turn. This all organic hypothalamus detox allows you to lose excess fat in a 21 to 45 day program. The average person loses ½ to 1 pound of stored fat per day during this protocol. This is a detoxification program which stimulates and corrects your body’s natural abilities to keep the weight off.

The results have been astounding! Join others, just like you, who are waking up each day and realizing their dreams.

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21 Plan

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Why the Rejuvenation 21 Plan?

Because it works!
85% of our customers lose 16 pounds or more in 21 days!
Over 80% of people have kept it off after 1 year!

Our program is different in that it is fueled and supported by a team of natural health physicians as well as weight loss experts, including our founder, Susan Blackard. She has 37 years of experience in the healthcare industry where her responsibilities included the design, development, implementation, and executive supervision of over 44 programs and clinics.

While on our program, you will have the support of a personal weight loss coach, our network of health professionals, and a vibrant online community.

Best of all:

    How many inches lost?
  • You can Lose ½ pound to 1 pound or more per day!
  • No injections. Simple drops under the tongue!
  • No counting calories, points or anything else. Only pounds lost.
  • Over 92% of clients surveyed rarely experienced hunger on this diet
  • No Exercise is required to lose weight on this diet
  • Comparable to weight loss programs that doctors charge up to $3000.00!
  • Formula 21 drops help to detox and reset the hypothalamus, making your weight reduction last!
  • You will re-sculpt your body and draw on only stored fat (not structural fat) which means no loose skin!
  • Male and Female Formula 21 drops, each designed to support the individual needs of each sex
  • By working with our experts to create balance in the body, most cravings melt away

Why the Rejuvenation 21 Plan will work for you:

Fruits and Veggies

Our program is all natural and only clean organic food is allowed. Over the years of eating de-natured toxic foods containing hydrogenated oils, MSG, food additives, corn syrup and more, the hypothalamus, which is essentially the control tower of the body, becomes toxic. As a result, it is not able to communicate the necessary signals with the body. For instance, when a healthy person has eaten the proper amount, their fat cells send out leptin. The hypothalamus receives this signal to stop eating and start burning fat. If it does not receive this signal, a person will not only eat to excess but will store fat instead of burning it.

Our program is designed to detox the hypothalamus. Susan’s specially designed homeopathic drops help the body to release stored fat. We also work individually with each client to evaluate specific problems related to weight such as thyroid, adrenals, hormones and neurotoxins and SO MUCH MORE. We work extensively with enzymes and a few other supplements designed to clean up your digestive tract, thus helping your body move back into homeostasis and health.

In addition to all the support you will enjoy from our team of experts, you will also have access to our library of informational webinars, videos, health articles and emails all specifically designed to help you learn more about Natural Health. This plan was designed to help you lose weight and, if you choose, will also assist you in becoming an expert on your own health as well as that of your family and friends.

For more information or to get started:
Contact Sue at 262.547.9700

The Rejuvenation 21 Plan includes:

  • Your own personal weight loss coach and frequent calls.(even daily if desired)
  • Coaches
  • The guide to Winning at Weight Loss.
  • The 21 Plan Cookbook, with recipes for phases 1 and 2.
  • Susan Blackard's book, " Journey to a New You".
  • Formula 21 Homeopathic - opens up the locks on stored fat.
  • Bottle of Stevia.
  • The necessary Essential Enzymes to optimize your success.
  • The support of Susan Blackard and her board for those tough health issues.
  • Special weight loss newsletter for information, tips and inspiration throughout your detox.
  • Access to the “clients only” portion of our online educational library.
  • Access to a new and growing weight loss community.

Don’t let excess fat and underlying health concerns slow you down.

What do I have to do?

When on the Rejuvenation 21 Plan you need to know a few things. While on the plan, you have to take your Formula 21 homeopathic drops as well as enzyme capsules twice per day. How and when you take these can depend upon your particular situation, but the point is that the weight loss detox hinges upon regular intake.

You will eat from an approved list of organic foods including: red meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, water, tea and coffee. Just remember, you pick what you eat as long as it is on the approved list.

Another vital element of this protocol is the calorie limitation. You will eat two meals and two snacks per day. Though your calorie intake will be low, the Formula 21 drops will cause your body to begin releasing and utilizing your stored fat. So even though you will be taking in fewer calories than normal, your body is having a smorgasbord on stored fat. Most people never experience hunger on our program. So yes, you'll be able to function normally! And in fact, most people report experiencing even more energy than they've previously had!

It is incredibly easy: no measuring, counting calories/ points, just a handful of veggies and 4 oz. of meat twice a day, some fruit in between and taking your drops and enzymes. The benefits are immediate and drastic. That makes sticking to the HCG protocol even easier, don't you think?

Following the 21 Plan protocol is key, but it is customizable and your trained weight loss coach will be able to help you design the perfect 21 days for your schedule, preferences and needs.

For more information or to get started:
Contact Sue at 262.547.9700

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Currently there are no known established clinical side effects to homeopathic remedies and medicines. We recommend that you consult with a doctor before starting this diet. If you have any swelling, shortness of breath, dizziness or heavy redness consult a doctor or medical professional immediately.

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